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Single Dental Implant

A missing front tooth can be replaced with a denture, bridge or dental implant. One of the advantages of a dental implant is that it does not require the teeth either side of the space to be drilled down. It also stimulates and maintains the bone around it to give a very natural appearance. A dental implant is the only reliable, permanent solution to replace a missing tooth that also prevents further tooth loss.

Replacing front teeth is more complex than replacing back teeth because they are more visible. In order to achieve a cosmetically pleasing result we will make you a provisional tooth in order to ensure your happiness with the final result. We also use this to check that the implant tooth will fit comfortably into your bite.

Bone grafting for your dental implant

In order to allow the implant to be placed and to look better we may need to increase the amount of bone or gum using bone regression, bone grafting or soft tissue grafting. If this treatment is necessary, it will be discussed with you and explained in more detail at your consultation.

Full smile restoration

If you would like to enhance your smile through tooth whitening and by replacing old crowns, veneers or fillings, this is the ideal time to do so. You should speak to your dentist about this before you proceed with the implant. This ensures that the implant surgeon and your general dentist can work together to achieve the best result for you.

Understanding the costs

The cost of a single front tooth may be more expensive than a single back tooth due to the treatment being more complex, but by using provisional restorations and assessing your smile throughout we can achieve the best possible results.

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The initial consultation is an important stage in the dental implant process and allows us to provide an accurate cost for replacing your missing tooth. Find your nearest Ten Implant Centre.


Contact us for guide prices – for full cost breakdown you will need to have a consultation with implantologist.

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