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Multiple dental implants

Having multiple missing teeth can have an impact on both your confidence and wellbeing. People with missing teeth often suffer anxiety and try to avoid smiling and laughing in order to hide their gaps.  Each tooth in the mouth serves a purpose when slicing and chewing your food – depending on which teeth you are missing, this can have a significant impact on your ability to chew.

Replace multiple teeth with fewer implants

Replacing multiple teeth with dental implants can be a very similar process to replacing a single tooth. However, if for example three missing teeth are adjoining, it is possible to replace all three teeth with two implants and bridgework.

Replace several back teeth missing

Even though you may not be able to see them, having fewer back teeth can mean that functionality is affected and you will not be able to chew as well. The extra pressure on your front teeth having to do the chewing means that they can take more force than they should. This extra strain can affect the front teeth and they may not last as long. This is known as a lack of posterior occlusal support. In some cases more than one implant is required to gain functionality as normal, but this can be discussed at your consultation.

Replace multiple teeth on the same day

Ten Implant Centre has the equipment and expertise to be able to replace your missing teeth over the space of one day. Through attentive planning and access to industry leading equipment we are able to extract any failing teeth, insert multiple implants and place a previously constructed temporary bridge.

Ensuring the best result

Your dentist and implant surgeon will work together to ensure that functionality of your new teeth is achieved, as well as an aesthetically pleasing result.

Occasionally, when placing implants on the top jaw, more bone may be needed. This bone grafting procedure is known as a sinus lift. Your implant surgeon will give you more information about how you can benefit from a sinus lift if it is needed.

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