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Implant fixed denture

Replace all top and/or bottom teeth

A popular and cost effective method of replacing all top and/or bottom teeth is to have a permanent or removable implant fixed denture. A denture can be fixed with as few as two dental implants which is significantly fewer than fixing a full arch.

Problem with traditional dentures

Denture wearers often suffer an impaired ability to chew certain tough or sticky foods, such as steak or toffee. Another common complaint is that they affect speech and can move around when talking or laughing.

Benefit of implant fixed dentures

Ability to chew – whether you opt for permanent or removable implant fixed dentures, you will still see and feel a significant improvement on denture stability enabling you to chew tough foods again.

Improved speech – dentures that are secured using implants will not move around when talking fast or laughing. Over time you will be able to adapt your speech to your new teeth and talk normally again without worrying about your denture slipping.

Confidence – a denture that is fixed using dental implants has no risk of jumping around in your mouth or falling out. You will never have to worry about a loose denture again.

Cost effective solution – compared to a full bridge, an implant fixed denture is extremely cost effective. Although an implant fixed bridge is seen as the ideal solution, an implant fixed denture requires significantly less dental implants.


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