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Implant fixed bridge

Replace multiple teeth

An implant fixed bridge can be used to replace multiple missing teeth with fewer implants. This is possible through creating a bridge of three or more teeth that can then be fixed with two or more implants. It is also possible to create a bridge to replace two adjacent missing teeth with a single implant by fixing it to an implant on one side and an existing real tooth on the other.

Replace all teeth with a full arch bridge

If you are replacing all of the teeth in your lower jaw with a fixed bridge you will generally require between six and eight implants. If you need to replace all of the teeth in your upper jaw, between eight and ten implants may be required due to a lower bone density.

Same day implant fixed bridge

Through attentive planning and preparation, it is possible to place an implant fixed bridge in a single day. A pre-made temporary bridge of teeth will be placed on the same day that you have your implants fitted. This is a popular option for people who want a seamless procedure.


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