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Full dental implants

Replace all top and / or bottom teeth

As few as two dental implants can be used to stabilise a denture in your upper or lower jaw.  We have multiple solutions for fixing a denture to your upper or lower jaw including: locator attachment, telescoping attachments and retention bars.  It is also possible to secure a full arch bridge using between four and eight implants – this is the optimum solution and removes the need for a denture.

Problems with dentures

If there are no teeth on your upper or lower jaw, one option for replacing the missing teeth is to wear a full denture. Many people find Dentures embarrassing; they can limit your lifestyle and social activities. They also affect the food you are able to chew comfortably such as crusty bread or apples, and many people find the limitations on their lifestyle hard to deal with. Dentures can lead to people avoiding social occasions or only able to allow themselves a certain amount of time before needing to reapply their denture adhesive.

The benefits of an implant fixed denture

Stabilising your denture, or fixing a permanent bridge to the implant will improve your confidence, chewing ability and also your general health. There are many scientific studies to show that people who are able to chew better break down their food better and gain more nutrients from their food. This improved their overall health and, in some cases, reduces the need for them to take drugs related to digestive disorders.

There are a range of options available to you, and we will help guide you to which solution best fits your situation and budget.  Arrange an appointment.


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