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December 20, 2016

Are dental implants worth the cost?

Lots of people are affected by missing teeth, either due to sporting injuries, ageing or poor oral health. Without finding a permanent solution, the bone underneath the missing tooth is at risk of receding, causing the face to become sunken or misshapen. This can add years to a person’s appearance and really affect their confidence. A missing tooth could even lead to further dental issues in the future as the remaining teeth are forced to move, making them more vulnerable and prone to decay. Dental implants are the most popular and effective solution for tooth loss, however, many people are concerned about the cost. So, are dental implants worth their price tag?

Why dental implants?

Dentures or dental bridges are a cheaper alternative to dental implants and can be used to fix the aesthetic problem of missing teeth, however they do not tackle the issue of the receding jawline or provide a permanent solution. This is because they are only connected to the surface of the gum and not at the root. Dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss. They use a titanium screw which is inserted into the gum, imitating the root of the tooth. This helps to re-stimulate the bone and prevent the jawline from disintegrating. A crown is then fixed on top of the screw to look and feel just a like a real tooth. Whilst dental implants are the more favourable and effective solution, they are also much costlier than other treatments. Dental implant treatments from a reputable dentist can range anywhere between £2000 for a single implant and £30,00 for more extensive treatment that replaces all teeth. Despite their price, many people still argue that dental implants are a much more cost-effective solution long term than the expense of managing a missing tooth.

Are dental implants worth the investment?

Whilst the initial cost of dental implants can seem a lot of money, when you consider the impact a missing tooth can have on your oral health, they are worth considering. Ongoing issues with your teeth can cause severe discomfort and pain and often leads to excessive dental bills further down the line. When you take that into consideration, a one-off cost for dental implants is extremely worthwhile, particularly as they can improve your quality of life by providing you with permanent, fully-functioning teeth, restoring your confidence, reshaping your face and allowing you to eat your favourite foods again.

Will you get good value for money?

Some people are travelling abroad for dental implants in search of cheaper treatment, however, many have found that there are hidden costs, lower quality materials and difficulty with aftercare. Whilst UK practices may be a little costlier in terms of treatment, patients are receiving much better quality. The materials used are strong, durable and long-lasting to ensure that they continue to function for years following the treatment. Many dental practices even offer an affordable pricing strategy which allows patients to pay off their implant bill in instalments, making it much more affordable. At Ten Implant Centre, we provide friendly, professional and high-quality dental implant treatment and would be more than happy to discuss any pricing queries or implant questions you may have. Just get in touch!

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