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March 28, 2018

“I wore dentures for a year and was unable to eat in public”

Leonard came to Ten Dental seeking treatment for both functional and aesthetic reasons. After neglecting his teeth due to work pressures, Leonard had opted for replacement dentures, however, they were causing him issues with functionality. When he arrived at Ten Dental, Leonard explained that he wanted to restore his chewing capacity and improve the appearance of his teeth. It was suggested to Leonard that as a permanent and secure solution for missing teeth, dental implants would be the most suitable option for his requirements.


“I neglected my teeth for approximately 24 years,” said Leonard.

“While I had two jobs, I didn’t have time to go to the dentist and because of the neglect, they got in a bad way.

“I actually wore dentures for a year and I was unable to eat in public because the dentures adhesive wasn’t actually strong enough to keep them in all the time. On a couple of occasions, I had to take my adhesive along and leave the meal at the table and reset them.”


During Leonard’s consultation, Ten Dental’s expert implant surgeon, Dr Nikhil Sisodia, explained that because implants are fixed directly into the jawbone, they are completely secure and won’t come lose when eating or chewing. They can also be cosmetically crafted to produce a fantastic smile. Since having the treatment, Leonard is now able to enjoy foods that were previously not an option. He can also smile with confidence now that his ‘piano key’ smile has been completely transformed.



“Since the implants, I can eat anything,” said Leonard.

“I haven’t got that problem anymore. I should have had this done 10 years ago.”


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At Ten Implant Centre, we often help patients like Leonard find the ideal solution to missing or worn-down teeth. Whilst no two patients are the same, we regularly hear stories similar to Leonard’s, where dental implants are simply the best option for a better quality of life.

If Leonard’s story is something that sounds familiar to you or someone else you know, you can find out more about dental implant treatment at our free open day on Saturday 28th April. This event is for anyone who has suffered from tooth loss or knows of someone else that has. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to find out more about award-winning dental implant treatments from some of the UK’s leading experts. We are also giving away freebies on the day and up to £4000 off dental implant treatment (T&C’s apply).



A huge thank you to everyone who came to our dental implant event! It was fantastic to meet so many of you and chat about the life-changing possibilities of dental implant treatment. If you couldn’t make our event but would like to discuss dental implants, you can book a FREE consultation with one of our friendly treatment coordinators at Ten Implant Centre. Get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you to arrange an appointment.


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